Biohazard Cleanup


Price: Require Estimate (usually charge by hour) Minimum $100

Sometimes we need a special type of cleaning. Whether it be mold removal, bodily fluid cleanup, or even spilled milk in your vehicle. We charge $100/hour for these types of cleanups on top of any other additional detailing costs.

For instance, your friend puked in the back seat. Well, we are going to charge you for a full interior detail to ensure all the smells and fluids are dealt with properly. An interior car detail runs for $159.99 + the $100/hour for bodily fluid cleanup. This would usually take an additional hour of our time to cleanup and disinfect the area giving you a total of $259.99.


We highly recommend using our ozone generator to completely kill any additional particles that might be floating in the air, vents, and unreachable areas. Learn more about this procedure here on our Ozone Generators page.

What’s Included:

  • Cleanup of any solids or liquids in the affected area using enzymatic cleaners
  • Disinfect the area with proper chemicals
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee