Ceramic Coating


Our Ceramic Coating is the purest form of surface protection you can apply to your vehicle. The coating forms chemical bonds to the applied substrate, which becomes both chemical and wear resistant.

These chemical bonds are hard to break once cured and give outstanding performance characteristics. The liquid ceramic coating will provide years of protection against all types of environmental attacks. The ceramic resin acts like an additional layer of clear coat which gives increased depth of gloss and enhanced color. Ceramic coating creates an almost non-stick layer which reduces the adhesion of dirt, grime and bugs. The cured ceramic coating is extremely hydrophobic, chemical & scratch resistant.



We carry several brands of ceramic coatings currently, but lean more towards IGL and GT Quartz. If you are looking for a more budget friendly coating, ask about our Tech580 coatings which offer supreme protection, but without the warranty.

We use GT Quartz which will show up on your Car Fax

We are Certified through Gliptone for the Ceramic Install.

No matter the package, we do a 5 step wash system for maximum bonding of the coating to your paint.

Interior Ceramic Coating options offered.

3 package options: All Of Them Come With 2 Coats of Ceramic Applied to the Rims, 1 Coat of Ceramic Vinyl Protection, and 1 Coat of Ceramic on The Front Windshield + The Paint Coating

  1. Select: The Nano Ceramic Coating for paint that provides exterior protection for three years. It comes with 2 coats of GT Quartz Select which proves itself to be resistant to road salts, and provides protection from dirt, tar, bugs and bird droppings. This coating comes with a 3 year warranty. Price starts at $1000
  2. Professional: An advanced Nano Ceramic Coating for paint that provides seven years of protection. The 9H hardness proves to be extremely durable, while providing a high gloss finish. GT Quartz Professional can only be applied by a Certified Gliptone Authorized Application Center, ensuring that you are receiving a premium product application. Warranty 7 years. Price starts at $2000-$2500
  3. Titanium: GT Quartz Titanium is our ultimate paint coating. Enriched with titanium, a strong, crystal-like 9H+ hardness is created. The titanium formula provides the highest amount of resistance and protection from everyday elements, while offering the deepest depth of gloss. This Nano Ceramic Coating is only available at our most elite Authorized Application Centers. This coating comes with a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty. Price starts at $3000.

Youtube links

Exterior Detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRx4zBDRTjI
Interior Detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yXd1Cni_50