Ozone Generator – Odor Removal


If someone smoked in your vehicle or you spilled sour milk on the carpets, a normal detail might not take care of your problem. We recommend getting an interior detail along with running our ozone generator afterwards to ensure all particles causing the smells are eliminated. However, if someone smoked in your vehicle or if it has been sitting awhile, running the ozone generator should do the trick.


The ozone generator works by transforming O2 molecules into O3 molecules also known as ozone. These molecules then attach to unwanted particles floating in your vehicle and destroy them. If you ever wondered why the air outside smelled so fresh after a thunderstorm, it is because this is a natural occurrence that lighting produces. If there are biohazards in the vehicle such as mold, fecal matter, or bodily fluids, please see our Biohazard Cleanup page.

What’s Included:

  • Pretreat affected areas with enzymatic deodorizers.
  • Running Ozone Generator for 120 minutes (overkill as 200sq. ft. only needs 10 minutes).
  • Airing out vehicle until ozone drops to a safe level. (High concentrations of ozone can cause lung damage, please allow professionals to perform this task).
  • Installing air fresheners for added odor removal.