Exterior Detail


What’s Included


  • Engine Bay Degreased and Dressed
  • Hand Wash
  • Rims Polished & Tires Cleaned
  • Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Polish Exhaust Tips
  • Clay Bar Paint
  • XPC3 Ceramic One Step Machine Polish
  • XPC3 Ceramic Hand Wax
  • Ceramic Wheel Protection
  • Tire Shine
  • Exterior Windows

If there is excessive dog hair, dirt, grime, bio hazards a $60-$100 up charge may be required upon your approval.


We begin our exterior auto detail in the engine bay. We degrease the engine bay and carefully power wash any residue off. Then we use high pressure air and microfiber towels to dry the engine. Our techs will then apply dressing to all rubber and plastic components using a paint gun. We love to ensure an even coat of dressing to give you a clean and shiny engine bay.

At Lava GR, we then polish the rims, degrease the tires, and clean the wheel wells. Therefore, we use mechanical agitation on both the wheel wells and tires. We use a brush to ensure any dirt and grease is loosened up. Lava GR will use a specially formulated metal cleaner to detail the rims. Our techs clean the rims and spokes by carefully hand washing each rim and spoke individually. We use non abrasive bug sponges to breakup any contaminants that the rim cleaner did not remove. All three components (rim, tire, and wheel well) are power washed shortly after. However, this only cleans the exposed rim and tire that we were able to visually see. By moving the vehicle forward until the wheels have rotated 180°, we are able to repeat the cleaning process again. After washing the wheels a second time, we use another specially formulated product on the rims. It contains ceramic properties and will keep your rims looking cleaner for a longer period of time.

Now we will detail the paint. Most vehicles we detail, will require us to perform a chemical bath to loosen up surface contaminants (also known as rust spots, fallout, break dust, sap, etc.). Going through a car wash will not remove these contaminates and requires our attention. After we perform the chemical bath, we spray a low pH soap on the entire vehicle to completely drench it. We are able to further loosen up surface contaminants and provide a well lubricated surface. Lava GR ensures every inch of your paint and plastic trim is hand washed and then power washed to remove all surface dirt. We use a clay bar on smooth plastics and paint to remove embedded contaminates that lead to paint chips and rust. This leaves the paint and plastics smooth to the touch and rid of all bugs, tar, and other fallout. Finally, we use microfiber towels and high compressed air to dry the vehicle off.

Our favorite part of the exterior auto detail is up next. We use our orbital buffer to apply a ceramic one step polish to remove minor scratches. This also enhances the gloss of your paint. Our Ceramic One Step polish will give you 3 months of protection or more. We further enhance the protection by applying a ceramic sealant. We top the exterior detail off with a blue velvet tire shine and exterior windows. Our tire shine does not wash off easily and will give you a rich, glossy finish. In good weather, our tire shine can last for weeks.