Paint Correction/Scratch Repair


Requires estimate

This detail item removes deep swirls, oxidation, and paint imperfections. After we detail the exterior of your vehicle, we begin by clay barring the paint and then performing a three stage buff. The stages start with a more abrasive cutting compound and a course buffing pad. Then we buff with a medium pad and medium compound and top it off with a ceramic polish followed by two coats of wax. If your paint looks dull, this is for you. If you can see swirls in your paint from the car wash or scratches from far away, this is for you. (Applied before most all ceramics)



Options: You Must Get a Full Exterior Detail As Well + One of the following*

  • Medium cut polish – removes roughly 40% of scratches and imperfections
    • This option will enhance the gloss of the paint
    • Will also include a fine polish and sealant
    • Starts around $150 (sedan)
  • Heavy Cut Machine Polish – removes up to 70% of scratches and swirls
    • Includes a medium cut and polish with a sealant
    • When dealing with this package, you should definitely check out our ceramic coatings to protect your finish.
    • This is the ultimate paint correction where we will try to leave you with a mirror finish.


If you have a simple scratch or someone keyed your vehicle, we can wet sand or buff the affected area. Sometimes we might need to do a combination of wet sanding, paint correction, and touch-up paint in order to make the scratch minimal or completely gone.

Check out this short video to see how it is done.

If we burn through the paint during this process, you are responsible for repairing it. However, we take pride in our work and have a low chance of damaging the paint.