XPC3® Xtreme Paint Correction


Requires estimate

This detail item removes deep swirls, oxidation, and paint imperfections. After we detail the exterior of your vehicle, we begin by clay barring the paint and then performing a three stage buff. The stages start with a more abrasive cutting compound and a course buffing pad. Then we buff with a medium pad and medium compound and top it off with a ceramic polish followed by two coats of wax. If your paint looks dull, this is for you. If you can see swirls in your paint from the car wash or scratches from far away, this is for you. (Applied before most all ceramics)



  • Full Exterior Detail
  • Hand Wash
  • Rims Polished
  • Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Clay Bar
  • XPC3® Xtreme Paint Correction
  • XPC3® Xtreme Ceramic Machine Polish
  • Tire Shine
  • Exterior Windows
  • Two Coats of Wax